Sunday, April 24, 2011

Six Months Split

This has been a rather crazy past couple of weeks with the result being: I've decided to come home! Between student loan issues, missing the strength that comes from living in an LDS community, feeling like I've learned what I've come out here to learn, and a few other things that have come up, I feel really peaceful and happy about the decision to come home.

There are definitely things I will miss about Sangkhlaburi, but I'm excited to continue moving onwards and upwards with my life. Laura and I have an itinerary planned out this week to visit all of my favorite places in the town. We'll end the week with a trip to Bangkok--and then I'll begin my 30+ hour trip home. I know that there have been quite a few stories and experiences the past few weeks that I've failed to post--but now, I can tell the stories in person, which is MUCH more exciting, right?

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


  1. You can still tell the stories on here to for those of us who will be in Texas when you return. Bueno?

  2. Kimber,
    it all sounds kinda crazy! Hope to see ya eventually :)!!! Happy travels.