Monday, January 17, 2011


It’s a funny thing to realize that happiness doesn’t depend on flushing toilets.

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  1. Kimber :D
    I am taking online courses with BYU-Idaho. I have a second block class that is actually on campus so when that date comes I'll be moving up to Idaho.
    Right now I am where I call home. Which is with my best friend and her family in Texas.
    I've been trying to figure stuff out with financial it seems a bit rocky but the school is nice and although I feel silly when I am there... I just think I'll be staying there. Unless some life altering thing comes up to where I cannot.
    I also like that I have six months out of the year where I can do what ever I want(because of the beauty of the winter spring track)!

    Anywhoo... when I get back to Rexburg I'll be living in Hillcrest. I am considering going back to La Jolla for spring but I haven't figured that out yet either! Meh I'll figure it out :)
    When ever you come back to school we should get some twizzle berry YUM!!! Ha ha.
    I look forward to reading this blog and to you updating it as often as possible!