Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take a deep breath....Here we go!

I'm all packed and ready to go....well as ready as I think I'm going to be. I just have to make sure to get a flashlight and some earplugs before I get on the airplane (flashlight for power cuts in the town and earplugs for sleep because I was warned that Thais are noisy in the early morning = ) ).

I managed to fit everything I'll be living in for the next six months in two suitcases.

Now for you men who are skeptical and think that it's not a very big deal, imagine this:
  • Various hair supplies including, but not limited to, a blow dryer, a straightener, a curling iron, hair spray, ponytails, headbands, bobby pins, shampoo, conditioner, a brush, and silkening serum.
  • Various other hygiene supplies
  • six pairs of shoes
  • Clothes to last for six months (think with a female brain here...I'm not talking two pairs of pants and three t-shirts) plus a rain coat for monsoon season
  • Three Book of Mormons in case I decide to be a missionary
  • My own personal set of scriptures
  • Four books
  • My journal, my gratitude journal, and a scripture journal
  • A mountain of prescriptions, vitamins, and pain relievers
  • six bottles of waterless hand-sanitizer
  • two bottles of sunscreen
  • two towels
  • a filtered water-bottle
  • A huge bottle of sun-burn cooling powder that my brother got from Indonesia
  • Six months supply of contacts and saline solution
  • A bunch of things that I can't really remember
  • And....drum roll please....a pillow
Yes....be impressed.

I'll board the plane at 7 AM tomorrow morning in Vegas....wow. From there I'll fly to LA, then to Seoul, Korea, and finally, Bangkok. I'll meet another volunteer (Jason from the UK) at the Mo Chit bus station and enjoy an eight hour bus ride into Sangkhla Buri. If everything goes smoothly my total travel time will be 36 hours. Let's hope I'm good at sleeping in moving vehicles =)

I love you all!!!! See you in 6!

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  1. WOW! I can't believe you fit that all in those two bags! You're amazing! Have a wonderful time and be safe!!!