Monday, January 31, 2011

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On Sunday I went to what everyone calls, “The Cement Stairs,” to watch the sunset.

Not a whole lot of color in the sky that evening, but it was beautiful anyway.

I sat there for a couple of hours watching the floating houses sway on the water. If I were to live in Thailand for a long period of time, I think I’d want to live in the middle of the river like that.

The water would rock you to sleep every night, and you’d be more secluded from the noise of your neighbors than the average Thai family. I think they may even have electricity in their houses—I heard the sounds of a radio or CD player coming from one of them. If not though, I could live by flashlight/lamplight for a while. I even like the idea of having to get into a canoe to go anywhere in town. I love water.

I read to the nursery kids with Paul yesterday (NZ Paul is back in New Zealand now, so I don’t have to keep identifying which Paul I’m talking about). I picked two of my favorite books from the small library we have here: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Where the Wild Things Are.

They were a hit. Especially the first read--for the rest of the day there were little kids running around yelling. “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!!!!”

Didi stopped to talk to me at dinner last night. She’s very excited about the work I’m doing with the children’s choir. She says that School Didi has heard that I’ve started a choir and she wants me to come teach at the school as well. I told Home Didi that I’d be more than willing to teach at the school, but she’s reticent to let me go for fear I won’t be able to teach as much here. How nice to feel wanted! I really hope they let me teach at the school though. With any luck, they’ll have me teaching so much that I won’t have to be stuck in an office trying to figure out how to write a grant proposal!

Here’s a video of the older kid’s choir. I’ve started to teach them “Do a Deer.” This is the video of the first time we sang it all the way through. I think I probably sing too loudly in this video—I guess that’s a result of me trying to lead with my voice since my hands were occupied with a camera......Ok the video is having issues. I'll have to post it at a later date. Stay tuned =)


  1. Do a deer? That sounds pretty risqué to me....Hahaha. I know you mean it to sound like dough or doe, but when I first read it, I was startled. Bahaha.

  2. I think that's so cute. Good choice for a song. :) Even if Jenna's a punk about spelling. I've never read "Boom-chicka-boom" to my memory... I think that I'll look it up.

  3. Jenna, just don't sing the song with those lyrics... it sounds a bit worse...