Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going on A Tokay hunt! I'm not afraid! (well...maybe a little)

I finally found a tokay that stayed in one place long enough for me to take a picture. This guy was on the side of my house...I went hunting for him and shot him with my camera before he new what hit him. It was pitch black outside and I only saw his silhouette...he looks even scarier in this picture! I'm not sure if his eyes really look like that or if it's just a bad case of red-eye--but either way he looks creepy.

This one was about a foot long--give or take a couple of inches.


  1. It's almost like he's possessed...but I really like him. :) Your mother might have struggled with me as a son, or I would have learned quickly not to bring that into the house. One of the two.

  2. It's just as cool the second time looking at it! :)