Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kimber goes Bohemian

I'm slowly discovering the bohemian in me. And
what better way to express it than by what I wear! Here are a few of the pieces that I've found over the last several weeks:

My first buy included two sets of earrings I found at the teahouse.

A simple elegant set of silver earrings for about 99Baht (approx. $3)

And a hand carved black set for 29 Baht (approx. $1.)

Last week I went into town and decided to stop in a small shop right by the local 7-11. They had some gorgeous items, and I kind of went crazy. The rest of my new look came from there.

A hemp anklet with some fun beads and bells worked in--35 Baht (approx. $1). I feel like a rebel when I wear it because I'm always reminded of that "tinkling of feet" scripture. It's slightly embarrassing to sound like a walking tambourine--but I love this anklet anyway.

A handmade turquoise bracelet--99 baht (approx. $3). I LOVE this bracelet, unfortunately it's already coming a bit undone...I'm hoping that maybe someone at the Teahouse can help me fix it.

A pair of light-weight fisherman pants--200 baht (approx. $6). Again, an AWESOME buy--not to mention this is
the first time I can remember owning orange pants. I almost bought the turquoise pair, but thought that perhaps I would be too closely copying a certain disney princess. The best thing about these pants is that I can actually wear them in this heat without feeling like I'm wearing a sauna. Bonus that they make me look arabian (as a arabian as a milky-white Blonde person can look).

And finally, my favorite purchase so far, my Thai Elephant bag. I wouldn't have bought a bag at all except this one kept yelling at me. I adore the colors and the textures of this bag. It reminded me of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, and I couldn't resist it. I cherish this bag. It cost me about 250 Baht (approx. $7)


  1. Love it all. Jingle away and have fun with it, Darlin'! I'll happily put money in your account if you want to buy me a bunch of jewelry. I wear all my Indonesian pieces everyday to school and I need some more cool things!

    Way to go shopping!

  2. Kimber, that bag is beautiful!!

    And I find your idea of Bohemian quite tasteful. Isn't bohemian supposed to be sloppy and uneducated? Where's YOUR Bohemia?