Saturday, February 5, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy (Ku-ku-ku-Koo-Koo-Koo)

I feel better today. I’ve taught my choir “the cup game,” and it’s been a HUGE hit. Everyone is beyond excited for choir every day, and if I don’t call everyone up for practice, invariably someone will come find me to make sure I know that they want to sing.

I taught Lo Choy his second violin lesson today. He picks things up so darn fast! After we played violin for a while, we got out a guitar and he taught me a few new chords. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I improved my guitar skills while I was out here? My fingers are sore from practicing….it kind of hurts to type.

Some of the twelve/thirteen year old girls invited me to eat lunch with them today. They were full of questions about my family and friends and wanted to see pictures from my home. They think my family is beautiful. Every time they see a picture of Jenna they say, “ooo, Beau-tee-ful, no?” And they start giggling like the girls they are when they see pictures of Jared. They all want to be facebook friends with him now, I think. We played around with photobooth on my Mac while Mimi played with my hair. It was fun to laugh with someone.

It’s been a long week…but today I remembered that the experience I have in this life is ultimately up to me. I choose how react to things that come my way. That doesn’t mean I won’t have hard days….but it means I can learn from them and choose to move on.


  1. And move you do!!!
    (I'm smiling right now.)

    I can't believe this was the same day that I talked to you. That boggles my mind.

    The kids are sooo cute. Do Thai girls have a fascination/love for hair too, or is it your blond hair specifically? (Isn't blonde spelled with an E? Where have I seen that before?) Do they love it when someone plays with their hair?

  2. I think they love doing hair...but they are fascinated with blond hair in particular. I think blond the adjective is spelled without and e and blonde the noun is spelled with one? Or something weird like that....

    I haven't noticed them doing each others hair, and when I play with their hair they don't seem to care one way or another...

  3. Amen to that last part... I've realized aswell that mom WAS right, you can pick your moods... but sometimes it is very very difficult.