Friday, February 18, 2011

Kimberella: Part 3 (YES it really happened!)

I cleaned my kitchen this week!!! I feel a rush of joy every time I walk into it =) The floor is even clean enough to walk on in bare feet!

It was an all day job...but totally worth it.

Step 1: Feel totally overwhelmed
by the job ahead of you

Step 2: Start doing it anyway

Step 3:




Step 4: Scrub the table like mad and then find places to store everything.

Step 5: Take a shower. Read a book. Find something refreshing to eat.


  1. Kimber, I just want to let you know that I love you and Miss you and according to many internet sites, you are living a healthier lifestyle, not just because of your diet, but of the toilet you use. That's right. I was looking up something about that useless organ called Appendix and I stumbled upon this website that claimed that people who used western toilet were more likely to get appendicitis than anyone else. And get this....the site was called SERIOUSLY! On the left side, it had many problems that are supposedly caused by the toilet you use. Apparently, Asian squat toilets are the best for you because they cater to our natural squatting instincts. So just know that you are being quite healthy. :) Love you!!
    Jenna Lyn

  2. Wow, your kitchen looks sooo much cleaner! How many people share your kitchen with you?

  3. well done! I didn't realize that your kitchen only had three walls...or is that a gargantuan window?

    And that table actually looks nice in the aftermath. I'm impressed. :)

  4. Kimberella (hilarious it!),
    You inspire me. In so many ways. But is to clean something.