Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fabulous Foods of the Week

One beautiful thing about living in Sangkhla Buri is that the food is all heavenly and incredibly cheap. The prices of most food items sit right around $1 (20-45 Baht), and it's difficult to find food that costs more than $3.

Since I don't get much variety at the home (rice and boiled vegetables with tofu for every meal including breakfast), I've taken it upon myself to become a connoisseur of the foods in Sangkhla Buri.

The first featured delicacy on today's list is the BBQ'd Squid Potato Chips. Yes, that's right. I found these at the local 7-11 and just couldn't pass up the opportunity to try something so startlingly....different. To my surprise and delight, they were really good. Like, REALLY good. Possibly my new favorite flavor of Lays. It's almost enough to make me want to buy a real squid at the market come next Thursday. Almost.

Next up, we have corn mixed with shredded coconut and sugar. This is something that I had an opportunity to try the first time I went to Thailand with my family, and I remember loving it. It was still good the second time around, although I highly recommend making sure you get it served hot. The street vendor I got my coconut corn from let the corn get a little cold.

Another favorite Thai dish of mine has always been Lemon Grass Soup. This soup consists of galangal (ginger), mushrooms, lemon grass, and chicken immersed in a steaming coconut milk base. Poor it over rice, and you've got yourself a bowl of comfort. So good. This particular bowl was served to me at the Tea House--I made sure to specify "no chilis" and this time, they followed through on my request.

Finally, may I be the first to introduce you to the peppermint pineapple shake. I tried this at the Tea House for the first time today, and will definitely be back for more. I ordered a pineapple shake, and when Eh asked me if I would like peppermint in it, I consented, telling myself that it's always good to try something once. I was amazed at the result. Fresh pineapple blended with fresh sprigs of peppermint leaf--I doubt that I've ever had something so refreshing.

Mmmmmm......more delicious foods to come. I hope =)


  1. I want to come eat all your yummy delicacies! How are squid chips with pineapple shake?

  2. Oh man, I want one of those shakes right now!!

  3. That shake looks better than you make it sound.

    It amazes me how many of their foods resemble ours with variations. I guess advertising must really work. Do you know how many people buy these kinds of foods? Is it mostly the foreigners, or do the natives treat themselves to squid every now and again? Or a pineapple shake?

    This is eli, by the way... I'm not sure why it thinks I've suddenly become my mother...

  4. Pineapple peppermint shake? Sounds divine. You are having a completely different food experience than my parents in China. My mom is really struggling with the food. I am glad you like the food. That makes a huge difference.

    Squid chips sound perfectly HORRID!! When my mom came back from Europe she brought us some potato chips with crazy flavors: like Cajun Squirrel. I guess we are just boring in the US.