Thursday, February 17, 2011


February 17, 2011

7:11 PM

AAAAAAGH! I was sitting calmly at my computer typing an email, when suddenly I hear a loud frantic squeaking coming from the top of my closet. The word squeak doesn’t sound scary probably…. But when it’s loud and frantic….and you’re not expecting it, it’s almost enough to make you wet your pants!!!! (not quite though, don’t worry).

I sat straight up wondering what kind of rodent or lizard battle was taking place on the top of my wardrobe when a big fat mouse nearly scampered off the edge of it. It’s still up there now…right by my fat suitcase and my bag full of electrolyte packets. I kind of want to look….but not enough to actually do it. What if the mouse was being chased by a tokay! Ick, Ick, Ick. I used to think it was funny that people were afraid of mice….not anymore. I’m officially terrified. Suddenly, my pink mosquito net with the gaping hole in the side doesn’t seem as safe as it once did.

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  1. What's a Tokay? Is it like a Toucan? Or is that a literary reference that I missed?

    So was the mouse dead? Or have you not looked yet?

    And as for wetting your could probably buy a new pair for around 100 baht...or you could hand wash them...