Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wild Things


I will never teach 25 nursery kids without another adult ever again. Especially on a roof when I don’t speak the same language that they do. Far too crazy. I didn’t teach them any new songs….simply tried keeping them singing old songs while I prevented them from jumping off the roof and beating each other to death. There were about 5 big bullies in the group—the ones there not to sing, but to terrorize everyone else and to cause mischief of every kind. I tried to send them away, but any time I would ask them to leave, they would grin at me and continue with whatever they were doing—I had to untangle one kid from a headlock that Kong was giving him. Crazy….I was supposed to teach them for an hour, but after 25 minutes, we called it good. Only two kids cried today…I consider it a success.

Here’s a video from the last time the small choir met. Again, I’m probably singing too loudly....and again...I can't get the video to post...so it will have to wait...

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  1. I love that you're actually recording them--even though I can't hear or see them. :)

    Who's crazy idea was it to put the choir on the roof?!